How to study online with Wits

Why study online?

You can continue working while you study because you don’t need to attend classes.

The fully online offerings at Wits have six start dates every year, which means you can start your studies when you are ready.

The qualifications have the same accreditation as the programmes that are offered on campus.

The application process and all learning take place online, and the Learning Management System contains all the study material you need.

Here is a guide to becoming an online Wits student.

The benefits

You determine your schedule. When you view the classes and when you spend time studying the material, is up to you.

You pay per module, so you don’t need to make a lump-sum payment for all the modules ahead of time.

Your lecturers will be available to assist you if you have any questions relating to the work.

Which programme suits you?

The online offerings are there for you to continue building your career while you study. It is important to select a programme or course that will help you grow your career.

It should be a programme that relates to your current and planned future employment.

To see detailed information about each programme, visit the Online Programmes page.

Minimum requirements
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
• A three-year degree OR a Bachelor’s degree (NQF Level 7).
• A minimum of two years’ work experience.

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management
• Applicants require a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and preferably two years of relevant work experience in the public, parastatal or non-profit sectors. Students with relevant private sector experience will also be considered.
• The pass mark for these programmes is 50%. Students who achieve an average mark of 65% or more may proceed to the Master’s programme.

What it costs

To get a breakdown of the programme fees, please visit our Fees page.

How it works

Application process
• Complete the Application and follow the steps on the website.
• If you qualify for the programme, you will receive an email containing an application link and token code.
• Click on the application link and a temporary ID will be created.
• On the application portal, you need to select either online studies or contact/campus programmes.
• Once you choose online studies, you will be required to add the token code and complete the application process.

Student number
• When your application has been successfully submitted, you will receive a student number.

• Once payment has been made, login to the Wits Self-Service Portal.
• Click on the registration tab and follow the steps, clicking on “Next” to proceed with the online steps.
• Accept the terms and conditions.
• Add your course or programme from the choice of buttons. If the slots are not filled in against the courses, please click the “Lookup” button to select the slot.
• Select the programme for which you wish to register by ticking the checkbox.
• Click the “Validate” button on the bottom right of the page to ensure the selected programme can be taken.
• Once all the modules (including the electives) are validated (without errors), click the “Enrol” button on the bottom right of the page to proceed with the registration
• Remember to renew your registration for every module or you will lose access to the learning platform.

On the Learning Management System, there is an orientation module you can complete to make sure you know how to navigate the system.

Password reset
If you have been locked out of your account or the learning management system, contact us and we will help you get back in.

Contact Us

• If you have any questions, please email, or call 0800 233 726 (toll-free).
• Provide your name, surname, student number, ID number and contact number, and explain your enquiry.
• You can also visit the Contact Us page and leave us a message and we will get back to you.